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​My name is Prajyot Poll, and I am one of Asia's Top Digital Marketers, and the CEO of Absolute Outsourcing, I Have helped over 2200+ clients to build Visibility for their business over the Internet that is exactly what I can do for you too. In really simple words I run Google Ads & Facebook Ads for multiple clients.

Why do people hire me?


The Ads System Is Pretty Complicated

Most of the people that I get to meet complain about the ad system being very complicated which totally makes sense to me as the system is growing every day and becoming more and more complicated with advancements and additions of new features and the competition amongst the tech giants. The data-driven companies focus entirely on collecting storing and manipulating the user data, DID YOU KNOW your activities over the internet including what videos you watch, what music you listen to or what you search for, all that data is being recorded and that is the basis of the entire DIGITAL MARKETING concept in the 21st Century.



Running Ads without Professional Coaching or Prior Experience

(Learnt From Youtube)

The Second fleet of people that I get to deal with every day and arguably the most dangerous kind of Clients in the DIGITAL MARKETING business are the people who graduated from the YOUTUBE College, Well I am not saying that learning on youtube is a complete waste, it is actually a good thing but it is a source of basic knowledge, and does not bring you any practical experience which can cause serious financial losses while dealing with the ad system. My take on this approach is IF you want to become a scientist learn from a scientist, not from a science teacher. 


Results from the ads are of poor quality

I have tried doing the ads ourselves but the results are of inferior quality, tried different campaigns, ad sets, ad copies, funnels and landing pages everything the ads system seem to hate me. Well, worry note digital marketing being a high paced industry often leaves people struggling with the new techniques and developments, With Absolute Outsourcing, we also aim at educating our people keeping them up with the latest trends, and techniques.


If you are facing one or all of these problems then it is the time to hire an EXPERT DIGITAL MARKETER

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